very nice bj

Tifu by giving my boyfriend a blowjob. He loves blowjobs (I think more than sex, if I’m being honest) so much and I almost never give them to him. This is mostly because I’ve never really been good at it, and also, I have a horrible gag reflex…but today I thought, hey I’m feeling kinda in the mood why don’t I give this wonderful man the thing he loves. I offered he was like hell yeah and we hurried off to the bedroom.

Clothes were flung off in a hurry and I started doing my thing on his nether regions (I was really trying today because I had watched some videos so I was kind of more confident than usual ((lol))). So I’m going at it and I feel like I’m going to puke from being too close to my uvula for too long. Boyfriend was enjoying it so I thought it’d be fine. He was about to finish so everything would be okay. It was not. I threw up, violently, everywhere. In response to me puking all over his nethers he proceeds to throw up all over me which makes me throw up even more. We took a shower and haven’t really talked about it since. I’m in the process of cleaning all the sheets off the bed, this sucks.

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