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\*moist and pulsating vagina instantly seals itself and becomes dry as a barren desert at the mention of the word “smirks”\*

“You just blew your chances, buddy!” The still freshly dripping vixen shouts on her way out of the shower. “How dare you ‘smirk’ in my general direction? If you only knew what I was planning on doing to you, hehehehehe” \*her voice growing deeper and more satanic as each word passes\*

\*transforms into a cross between the Wicked Witch of the West and a common bridge troll\*

**”GET…OOOOOOOOOUTT OF HERE!”** she moans in a deep yet loud grumble.

“Oh sah-sah-sowwy I w-w-w-will weave” the stupid boy mumbles in a pathetic shy tone. He was too slow and too pathetic however.

\*Magic Gobliness of the West snatches soyboi from the scruff of his neck\* **”GIT IN MUH BELLLLLYYYYY!”** she groan-shouts, even deeper and more demonic than before with her eyes now glowing a deep blood-red.

\*Pathetic little bitch-boy empties his bladder into his tight denim jeans, a long dark-blue stain appearing all the way down his left thigh\* “H-hey w-wa-w-w-what’s the big idea hewe?” He meekly mumbles out of his pretty little mouth.

**”I love a good brine with my soyboy pork, pee all you want”** the Magic Troll of the West exclaims while slowly and deliberately skewering our little fancy boy with a fence picket from his anus out his mouth. **”Now you shut up and we cooks teeheeheehee”** she yells as she violently mashes a single red apple in his stupid mouth.

\*The magic bridge troll/witch proceeds to build a fire and set up a rudimentary rotisserie rack with a simple flick of her willow wand. She places the soy-dinner-boy on it, cooking him to a medium-rare doneness.\*

**”DIIINNNNNNNNNNEEEER”** she yells, breaking nearby trees and causing a massive mudslide in the distance. \*seven troll/witch and troll/wizard children magically appear in puffs of blue, green, yellow, and pink smoke\*

“We hungie mummy!” They shout and dance in glee. Slightly to the left everybody hears a loud **BOOM** with a blinding flash of deep red light.

**”DADDY’S HERE, LET’S EAT!”** a large figure, triple the size of mama-troll-goblin-witch, exclaims as he emerges from the shadows.

\*All nine happy family members feast or our urine brined soyboy-pork-rotisserie, their favorite meal.\*

# *AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, well except that one guy*

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