My sister and I have been together for 43 years, but I’ve decided to remember her as a good person than know her as a terrible one.

We were already pretty mad at each other when I found out she is pro-vaccine and didn’t believe me that vaccines are actually used by the LGBT Satanists to make your children gay, but when she told me she is also letting her 9 yo son play that VIOLENT BRAINWASHING game FORTNITE, and even GIVING HIM MONEY for that game, I broke.

I was in tears when I tried to explain to her that the game will turn her son into a school shooter but she wouldn’t listen. So I made a decision – cut all contacts with her. I did it because I love her and I don’t wanna see her turn into one of those brainwadhed mothers. I’m proud to say that she is now dead to me and I will forever remember her as a kind, beautiful person.

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