Video games are the absolute worst Loser Habit you could have

Video games are the absolute worst Loser Habit you could have. Hours & hours spent on an ultimately useless skill. Sitting and getting fatter and weaker and skinnier and paler. Completely impaired social skills. Video games make you a bottom tier subhuman. I was watching some kids play Mortal Kombat yesterday (the mall I was at had a video game area). I WANTED to play. There’s no denying that games are perfectly engineered to please your brain….

What’s astounding is how hundreds, thousands of hours can be invested in something that makes you a WORST version of yourself. Years of life playing an artificial character. Zero real life accomplishment, but you FEEL like you did something. It’s truly evil.

“But some people make money!!” Hurr durr. You’re still a skinny fat weak piece of shit. Oh yay, you’ve got the respect of an Army of pale zombies with no muscle mass and 23% body fat. Emperor of Men who breathe through their mouth. What an accomplishment. Come tell me what a MAN you are for playing video games. You’re stronger? No. Faster? No. Bigger? You’re making money and living life in the real world? Fuck no. Oh wait, all your accomplishments can be wiped out by deleting an account. Bullshit yourself as much you like. Watch every weakass dork come up with hurt feelings about this. You all know how shit it is, peak Delusion. You gonna engrave your tombstone with your high score and how many kills you got? Wasted life.

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