Video Games <OC>

WHOA WHO WHOA. Did you just say SHIT about VIDEOGAMES?? I may not always spill my load over some hot WARFRAME SFM porn, and I will admit, maybe it is bad. BUT DONT YOU EVER TALK SHIT ABOUT VIDEO GAMES YOU FUCKING SJW.

I’ll have you know that I have 100% IN ALL GAMES AS A FEMALE CHARACTER. Why? Because I love FEMALE ASS DUH! I don’t need you censoring my gamer life you left wing SJW. Keep your CENSORSHIP out of my game, I want to see full Loli tits and bikinis and all SJW’s do is repress us! Don’t act like you care about my mental health. IM A BEAST IN THE GAMING WORLD INCEL! If you even think about taking away my games or talking shit about my anime games I will destroy your family and your life. I will own you so hard it’ll make your mom wet. Fuck you fuck face, DONT EVER TRY TO TAKE MY VIDeo gAMES.

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