Video Gaymes Bad

Videogames are the stupidest, most useless, and childish addiction anyone could have. They’ll spend hours building up some meaningless skill like moving the mouse really quickly, soaking in their filth, inhaling garbage and avoiding exercise and any social interaction other than screaming at a TV screen while their bodies turn into jabba the hutt caked in dorito dust and excrement. It’s truly fucked up how manchildren can spend thousands of hours playing as an imaginary character, becoming disgusting insociable and useless blobs of flesh, yet they’re so mentally weak that they can be manipulated by these dumb games with their flashing lights and two-bit sounds to make them *feel* like they’re accomplishing something real.
Even stupider is the “streamer” culture, where pathetic mediocre males will actually *pay* to watch other pathetic males playing some repetitive flashing image they’re not even interacting with. Oh and don’t even get me started on the men who pay to treat female streamers like they’re nothing more than sex objects who happen to share their putrid hobby, it’s basically prostitution with a nicer name.
Like what does playing video games even get you, other than bedsores? Are you stronger, more social, more healthy, smarter, or at all more useful to society? No, you’re not, you’re just some friendless loser banging on a keyboard so that a computer program can tell you how amazing you are. Your entire life can be wiped out by your mother coming into your basement and deleting your gamer account because that thing you valued so much is just a bunch of bits on a screen.
When you die, the only thing left of you will be that dumbass useless account, which everyone will forget about within minutes. Do you actually expect your family to put the number of punches you threw and tokens you collected to be put on your tombstone? They won’t, because that would be the only thing more pathetic than your meaningless “gamer” life.

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