Video g*mes mark the downfall of western society

Why are there red scribbles and a “YES” across the screen? I want to see the results, and I’m too lazy to actually google “do gamers say racial slurs?”

Google can lie. So can Wikipedia. So can Firefox. So can Microsoft’s browsing thing. So can Bing. Anything and anyone can lie. For example, I have $10k worth in games and currencies combined. That’s a big lie. I don’t. I only have like… $1k. I run prisons in Prison Architect, make em nice and cozy for the prisoners. I have my own NBA player at the same time through NBA 2K and NBA Live. I also have 2 ROBLOX games involving bringing people together, one for a friend date/date thing and another is a large beach which I am still working on. Also, I make sure to defend the villages in Minecraft. In League of Legends, I help who I can whenever I can. I do try to make people feel worse, but I apologize right after since I don’t like making others upset. After the game, I talk to them and help them. Guess what? Gamers have low self-esteem or low confidence in themselves, doing something good in a game makes them feel better. Or playing an RPG and pretending you’re someone. There are so many different types of games, everyone has their pick. RPGs like D&D or shooter games, every type of game has an achievement. I recently got an achievement for beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Hardened/Veteran mode. And I have a long list of mental problems, but they went away in that moment. I felt accomplished. I felt happy. Why? Because I was being rewarded for doing something difficult. Hell, some ROBLOX games have badges for when you enter the game of the creator thanking the player for playing, that makes me feel good because I feel like I did something good like supporting someone or a creator. I like supporting whoever I can, whether that be in real life or through games. I don’t say racial slurs, I’ve seen others say racial slurs, but I don’t mind it because, at the end of the day, they could not mean it. Not saying all don’t, but I like to think most don’t. Most people don’t randomly say “Hey, F(uck) you N(word)!” or they don’t say that for no reason. Can you really blame games for doing things to people when their families or problems or even mental health do things to them which make them uncomfortable with themself? What if games are their only escape? Try to think before going against something that people do for a living. Or as a hobby. Or as an ANYTHING.

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