Villager has an announcement to make!

I’ve come to make an announcement! Tom Nook is a bitch ass motherfucker! He pissed on my fucking hopes and dreams! That’s right! He took out his fucking ugly wallet out and pissed on my hopes and dreams! And he said my debt was THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS BIG! And I said that’s disgusting! So I’m making a callout post on my Tom Nook your wallet is the size of this walnut except waayy smaller. And here’s what my wallet looks like! pwoooooooof. That’s right baby, All bells, no bags, no edges! Look at that it looks like two balloons and a turnip! He fucked my hopes and dreams so guess what? I’m gonna bill the earth! That’s right this is what you get my super laser piss! Except I’m not just pissing on my debt! I’m pissing on Tortimer’s bank! How do you like that Tortimer? I pissed on your bank you idiot! You have 23 hours before the bills hit the fucking earth, so get out of my sight before I put debt on you too!

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