Villager news

Background villager singing Villager news theme song

Villager #4: Does my moustache look alright? Okay

Villager #4 looks back to background villager

Villager #4: Hey!

Background villager leaves left stage

Villager #4: Breaking news! A rouge citizen has been caught committing a terrible crime! Villager #9 is on the scene

Camera swaps to the scene with Villager #9

Villager #9: Thank you Villager #4. Im standing where the incident took place earlier today, we have footage from the event from the camera mounted on that roof

Pans to roof where camera was

Roof Villager: Hello

Swaps to camera footage

Villager #9: It was just a normal day in the village until Villager #14 showed his complete distaste for our laws

Villager 14 throws trash in front of the “No littering” sign

Villager cop car: Stop! You have violated the law! Stop right there criminal scum!

Villager #9: This was quickly followed by a high speed chase caught on camera by a local traffic helicopter

Local traffic Villacopter: It looks like quite a situation down there! Look at him go! Hes running, hes running. Are they gonna catch him? We dont know

Makes noises

Local traffic Villacopter: Hes running, hes running… Hes still running. Oh he in trouble now! The police are everywhere! Are you seeing this??

Villacopter: No, im a helicopter

Scene changes to ground view of chase

Villager cop car: Stop!

Villager #14: Nooo

Villager cop car: Oh he said no…

Villager #14 walks over pressure plate labeled “random pressure plate”

A Villager gets launched into the air

Villacopter: Beep, Beep, Beep. Missile inbound!

Local traffic Villacopter: What?!

Villacopter: Deploying flares! Villacopter: Deploying flares

Villacopter releases many Villaflares

Villamissile: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Villamissile misses every single one of the flares and explodes past the Villacopter

Villacopter gets shocked by the explosion and starts to crash

Villacopter: Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep *Villacopter continues to beep&

Local traffic Villacopter: Ahhhh, We’re going down!

Villacopter crashes and explodes into many villagers

Screen turns to typical tv error thingy

Villager #9: And that was the last we saw of those Villagers. Villager #14 was apprehended later as he tried to leave the Village. Police placed down stingers and they proved to be to much for Villager #14

Villager #14 gets proved to much by stingers

Switchs to court

Villager #9: He was taken to court where he was sentenced to the pit of death!

Switchs to pit of death

Villager #14: This is madness!

Sparta Villager and Villager #14 stare at each other in a long Anime way

Sparta Villager: Madness? This is Minecraft!!

Sparta villager breaks the 4th wall as he sparta kicks Villager #14 into the pit of death

Villager #14: Nooo

Intense music plays

Switches to pit of death showing its only two blocks deep in a comical way

Put of death villager #1: This isnt very effective

Villager #9: And there you have it Villager #4. Back to you in the studio

Switchs back to the studio

Villager #4: Well thats this edition of Villager news, tune in next time-

Gets interrupted by theme Villagers

Outro plays of Element Animations

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