Vince Vaughn monologue from True Detective S2E2 reads like copypasta

My old man back in Chicago, when I was a kid…he used to lock me in the basement when he’d go on a bender. Usually last the night, let me out the next day, thought he was keeping me safe, I guess. This one time, I was six, he puts me down there and I wake up and it’s locked. It had happened before. Anyways, I guess he ended up arrested, I guess. Well…by the second morning…I was out of food. The third day, the light bulb burned out, pitch-black in there. That’s when the rats started coming out. I dozed off and…I felt the thing, you know, nibbling my finger. I woke up. It was, you know, chewing my finger. I grabbed it in the dark with my hands and I started smashing it and I just kept smashing it…till it was nothing but goo in my hands. Two more days I was in there…in the dark…until my dad comes home. Ever since, I wondered: what if he never comes home? What if I’m…still in that basement in the dark? What if I died there?

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