Alright uh, this is going to be a video uh.. I just wanted to uh kind of give my two cents on something I’m seeing uh happen right now on twitter today and social media and whatnot there is a lot uh I’m sensing a lot of kind of just uhm uh.. negativity about what’s happening with what’s going on with vine a lot of people uh just kind of wording that they are happy I guess that its going away or that there there there… there there you know just kinda in a state of joy that its gonna be shut town and I’m kind of just uh fucking bewildered about that because uh frankly it was one of the best social sites one of the best p-r you know whatever apps, whatever you want to call it uh out there because of its nature of its being short of its being kind of uh you know just viral in every way and I just cant fucking believe, frankly and I hate to shout but I cant fuckin’ believe there are people that are happy it’s gone because you’re gonna miss it once its gone lemme tell you it was the best way to get viral content out there and now you don’t have shit to do that. You feel better about that you feel better about not having more viral content? WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you and guess what you know what I’m just gonna say it I’m gonna come out and say what people are afraid to say if you didn’t respect vine if you thought it was stupid and irrelevant guess what, YOU’RE FUCKING OLD :Kicks boxes:. Yea that’s right YOU’RE FUCKING OLD get out of here old man get back to your fucking retirement home you don’t have the ye- fucking knowledge like me, I’m fucking young and I fucking understand these things so if you don’t like it if you thought vine was stupid at any point in your life guess what you’re fucking old, :kicks more boxes: you’re fucking old, dig yourself six feet and hop in grandpa, because you’re fucking dead you’re on the way out you’re on the carriage to the underworld motherfucker! “Oh I don’t like vine there’s only six seconds I dun under- you know it was doomed to fail it was doomed oh- doomed to fail.” TIME TO GO TO THE RETIREMENT HOME! :box abuse: You’re fucking old. Guess what its a different age they showed the new fucking macbook its got the the lil’ touch bar and what’s on it, emojis “Oh I don’t think a macbook pro should have fucking emojis.” Well guess what you’re fucking old! :boxes now with increased metal: Eat my ass grandpa, cause you’re on the way out golden girls watching ass motherfucker it’s not your time anymore its mine I’m fucking young, and smart, and sexy :Intense breathing: and I have so many fucking thoughts on things, college thoughts :Breathing intensifies: shit that you cant even process anymore because your brain is so fucking old, you’re drinking your fucking prunejuice every morning you’re fucking metamucil has warped your brain dry to the core, cause it’s fucking useless guess what world :opens door: guess what you’re fucking OOOOLD… anyway :breathing: uh so yea vine needs to come back I’ll do a kickstarter if they don’t do it but uh uhm it needs to come back because that was the best way to receive, and save, and share information and if you didn’t like it uh you might as well just surrendered death now :breathing harder: just fucking sign up for Green Grove retirement home just and fucking sign yourself the fuck up just sit in a chair and watch the sunset as you die off :breathing: uhm so yea… FUCK YOUTUBE

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