Vinesauce Mario Fart Review

This video really intrigued some feelings inside of me. The usually the average person would find this repulsive, crude, and even downright disgusting but the way I see this is something different. For one thing there’s clearly a story to be told, it’s more than just mario giving himself-a poopoo. It’s about a story about a man letting out his pent up energy after all of this compression. This energy originated from when the man ran into the “mushplus hospital”, he consulted the receptionist and she lead him to the correct hospital room. He finally understood and ran, visiting a doctor for more details and the doctor gave some less than positive information about what was happening. Being distressed the man had ran into the room only to be greeted to his love laying to her side. She just had a miscarriage. This negative energy is what made him crumble as a person. He bottled up his feelings and finally let it go, for all the mushroom people to witness with their noses.

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