Vinesauce Vinny on the word “Cringe”

I cringed so hard dude, you wouldn’t believe it dude, I cringed, everything’s so cringe. But I don’t realize that I’m very insecure about my own self and my own identity, so when I say something else is cringe is because I’m experiencing second hand embarrassment, because I put myself in their situation, because I have a lot of empathy because overall I’m a very sensitive kid, I’m very sensitive, and I put myself in someone else’s position because I have empathy. But when I say something’s cringe I wanna fight that off because I don’t want to feel like I’m a good person! but deep down I really am because maybe, maybe, there’s an intrinsic value to who I am bro, not just because my cock is huge, but because I’m a human being who has good morals. but fuck all that bro! Let’s watch the cringe compilations bro!

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