Violet Parr is Canonically 13/14 years old

Violet Parr is canonically 13/14 years old. Puberty for women typically starts at 10 or 11 years old with the development of adult sexual characteristics being one of first phases of puberty. Women finish puberty around 15-16 years old however they typically have fully developed sexual characteristics before the conclusion of puberty.

Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children. People who are pedophiles are attracted to boys and girls who have prepubescent features. Pedophiles are extremely taboo for two reasons: their sexual attraction to underdeveloped body parts of children and the inherent predatory nature of a child/adult relationship.

Being attracted to a teenager as an adult is wrong but it is not pedophilia. Someone attracted to a teenager is attracted to a young person with adult sexual characteristics. A teenagers body is either a developing adult body or an adult body (for teenagers of a later age). Adult/Teen relations are not wrong because the teenager is physically underdeveloped. Therefore, adults attracted to teenagers cannot be pedophiles.

HOWEVER adult/teen relationships are wrong because of the inherent predatory nature of the relationship. A teen may have the physical development of a Adult, but they do not have the emotional development of an adult. Therefore, they may not fully grasp or understand the emotional weight needed for a sexual relationship and cannot truly consent to sexual relationships. An adult that has sex with a teen is preying on their trust, emotional instability, and biological urges to exploit them for their own personal gain of a sexual experience. That’s why people who have sex with teenagers are sexual predators. This is also why there are so many age if consent laws because there is no clear exact age when someone can understand and handle a sexual relationship and it’s responsibilities and thus be able to truly consent to a sexual relationship. Hence why we call that relationship statutory rape.

So what does this have to do with this cosplayer and Violet Parr? It’s quite simple. If you are attracted to this image, it is for one of two reasons: you attracted to the sexual characteristics of a 20 year old woman (the actual cosplayer) or you are attracted to the personified sexual characteristics of a 13/14 year old girl (Violet Parr). Either option doesn’t make you a pedophile because you are attracted to the physical sexual characteristics of an adult. However, if you attracted to the idea of having sex with a 13/14 year old girl, you are still a sexual predator because you want to engage in a predatory relationship.

However, a crime of fantasy is no crime at all. Since Violet Parr is not real, you are not commiting a crime by wanting to have sex with her or role play the idea of having sex with her with a partner. You would not be a sexual predator unless you actually had sex with a teenage girl of Violets age. It is little different from having rape fantasies in that so long as you don’t act on those fantasies, you are not a criminal. Pedophilia as a sexual fantasy is wrong on the other hand because you are attracted to simulated prepubescent body parts and that is fucked up. However, it also not a crime unless you act on it by viewing/creating CP or having sexual relationships with a prepubescent child. But I digress, a fantasy about a teen/adult relationship is bad only so long as you act on it. Otherwise, it is merely a thought taboo.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to an adult woman portraying a character who has adult sexual features anyways. It is only wrong if you use the attraction to teens to sexually exploit them in real life. Since you cannot do that in fantasy nor can you do that to a fictional character, You are safe for being attracted to this character and the cosplayer portraying her. End of story.

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