virgin Jew-god vs chad god of the Aryans

Why do you use the word “God” instead of Yahweh ( the Jew-god ) god of the Judeo-Christians, knowing that God or Godan is the Lombardic name for Woden, god of the Aryans? If you are going to believe in a religion with a god in it, did it even occur to you that it would be a good place to start by learning the name of the god that you intend to worship, instead of shamelessly stealing from white culture? The whole world laughs at Christians for this obvious deception. It would seem that Judeo-Christians would want to use the word Yahweh given their fanatic obsession with being Jew-like and loving Asian rabbi Jesus . As hypocrites, they don’t even use the same name of the god that Jesus would have named ( if he were real ). As cowards, infiltrating Judaized Christians don’t say Yahweh just so they can blend in with whites and disguise their stupid Jewish religion. Christians literally lie every time they say God ( Godan ). Judaized Christians literally steal the name of our original white god, that which belongs to Woden, just so they can turn us into Jews.

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