Virgin nerd rages over a nat 20 story on r/DnD

Please shove the “rule of cool” up your ass and stop thinking that just because someone has an idea that makes the entire table roar with autistic laughter, that it should get a +5 bonus to succeed or automatically work on a natural 20. Otherwise I could just say “lol I walk on air!” and keep trying until I get a natural 20. That may be hyperbole, but it’s not hyperbole by much, given the kind of ridiculous bullshit I see players engaging in. Yes it is a game, yes it is supposed to be fun, but it’s also supposed to produce a story, and when you start doing this rule of cool shit it just becomes “who can do this shit in the funniest way” and turns into a gay-ass wankfest.

inb4 “lol stop taking games seriously u fukkin nerd, get a life”

Get fucked. I am sick of you fucking hipsters who treat these games like nothing more than a joke. You joined in 2012 because you saw it on Big Bang Theory. Get the fuck out and stop forcing your shit on people who have been in the hobby far longer than you have.

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