Virgin normal vs Chad absurd

One thing i find interesting about the “fan vs enjoyer” meme format is that it has taken on so many forms, from virgin vs chad, to soyjack vs nordic chad. There are other variations of similar ideas too where one is good and the other is bad, things like the winnie the pooh one, the drake one, and even galaxy brain. The thing about all these formats is that originally they are used in a way that neither side is necesarily good, in fact the “bad” side (virgin, small brain, soyjack etc.) are typically a normal or at least culturally acceptable position and the “good” side is an extreme caricature of a bad position. The most explicit version of this dichotomy can be seen in early soyjack vs nordic chad memes where the soyjack did not even represent a position but instead would just say “noooo you cannot do/advocate/like \_\_” to which the nordic chad simply responds “yes.” Here we see that the humor of such memes was originally derived from pretending to advocate for an untenable position. However as time as pass, each of these memes has evolved from making fun of the chad position or at least deriving its humor from the chad position to having the chad position represent the unironic viewpoint of the creator of the meme. This transformation is not total, memes with caricatured and mocked positions portrayed by the “chad” still exist, but the fact that they have been largely displaced by a less ironic reading of the meme speaks both to the preeminence of radical positions on the internet as well as the inability to discern parody from reality as described by poes law. Now we arrive at the meme posted here. While perhaps creator of the meme is highlighting the perceived function of the meme, we can also read it as examination of the diverging usage of the use of the meme described earlier. The punchline is that fact. They are making fun of the people who use the format as described by breaking it down to it’s most elementary form.

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