Virginologist uncovers ancient legend! (MUST READ)

Hello fellow virgins, I have good news! So I have been doing extensive research into the field of virginity recently, and as it turns out, there is an ancient legend that was uncovered in the sand pits of the Amazon Rainforest that reads…

“If you stay a virgin until your 30 years old, you get to become a wizard.”

I was astonished by my findings. After discovering this groundbreaking information I managed to convice the authorities to let me look at their VAGS (Vagina Accumulatory Geotagging Service) where unsurprisingly I discovered millions of virgins not only in America, but all across the globe there were over 1,000,000 virgins! So I decided to set off on a quest to discover if these virgins were imbued with any wizard-like qualities. I spoke with people from all around globe who made it to 30 years of age while still being managing to stay a virgin. These folks exibited special wizard-like qualities like not having many friends, being incels, being ugly, and using their hands to shoot strange liquids! I was amazed by their incredible unfathomable power. This new discovery essentially confirmed that the ancient legend that had been passed down only by stone tablets from eons before, could possibly be true. Needless to say I, Petridish Fartholomew the Third, have made a great discovery that should instill hope in the hearts of many members of the most oppressed minority in the world, virgins. Be sure to spread this HUGE discovery with your friends and family, and may god bless you all!

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