Virtual Sex

Last night I went to a new place that opened up in the mall called “opai yokai” or something like that. And it was this VR porn placesex where you’d go in, create an anime girl you want to fuck, and then they’d take you to a VR room and let you do what you want for half an hour. Anyways after I set up my account my friend who was working there took me to my room, but apparently all the porn rooms were full, so he took me to a non-porn room that was still owned by the same company but meant for other kinds of escapists. Anyways once I got in there it was this hotel room looking place and I told the AI to render my anime girl but he didn’t want to. He said he was used to rendering plants and other things and he felt uncomfortable rendering nudity. I got mad that he refused to do what I said because I spent like 20 minutes making an account so I was gonna go complain to the people in charge but then I woke up 🙁

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