Virus Video (Always Sunny)

Welcome to Paddy’s Pub… the oldest pub in America. We have a variety of all liquors served in strange containers. We are packed with celebrities… the fun ones! We also have cockfights and strippers! And guess what? We don’t have a sign, so good luck findin’ the place. But if you do, you’ll be lucky, cause we also got donkey shows, Motley Crue, and cake. So spread the word to all your friends – at Paddy’s Pub, you’re guaranteed to catch a **VIRUS**! Just ask this guy! “I got infected! Get it away from me!” Or her! “Ughhh… I’m busy”. She looks like she caught the… “BUG! AAH!” So spread this video to all of your friends, because it’s a COMPUTER VIRUS! **VIRUS**! Take it from me. I… am a doctor. Dr. Toboggan. MANTIS TOBOGGAN!

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