Vision is the ultimate lover confirmed

Vision seems to be able to change his physical form at will. One minute she’s getting rear ended by Danny DeVito and the next minute Shaq scoops her up into the pretzel pose and practices his hip thrusts. Both with a glowy yellow stone in their forehead. Shit, depending on how much control he has over his shape, she could be the first live action hentai octopus receiver.

Even if he can’t completely change his physical dimensions and instead just his density, the mind stone can make it completely indeterminate from reality for her.

A deleted scene with her on all fours looking back at the mirror to Danny doing his best, flipped over to Shaq going on the attack, boom! Tentacle explosion. Camera pans over slowly to show Vision sitting in the corner reading the paper and sipping his french press coffee in tweed jacket while absent mindedly waving his hand around in her direction with little yellow flashes signifying the use of the stone. Camera pans back over to show her actually in full pajamas in the fetal position moaning.

Ultron was a Ken doll compared to vision.

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