Visitor get the rocket

Christopher, 20, has been playing Fortnite and then he gets a delivery and an invitation. Cool, a party. But when he opened the box he becomes mad.

‘What?!’ Said Christopher! A Cameo suit? What a swizz! Those guys can take that invitation and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!’ He throws the suit away.

The following night, he takes another look at the suit. ‘This is so lame ‘ He said.’ Suddenly, the suit comes to life. ‘Whoah! The hell just happened?’ The suit then starts to trap Christopher, his legs and thighs started to widen, his back arched, ‘No!!! Stop!!!’ Christopher tried to pull the suit but to no avail, the latex was stuck to his body like glue. His stomach narrowed and shrunk as boots, black leggings formed on his legs then the blue skirt appeared, as the suit comes to his chest, a yellow and black tiger patterned top appeared,  he can feel his man hood vanish. ‘Agh! My balls are gone!’ Then his chest started to swell up into DD and his butt expanded. Then as his face becomes covered, the pretty face emerged and the gloves appeared on his hands. And green and blue hair appeared on her scalp. With the change complete, Chris was gone, Cameo was now in his place.

‘Oh, my God.’ Said Cameo, rubbing her boobs and butt. ‘Perfect fit.’ Cameo puts on make up. ‘Sorry, Chris.’ Said Cameo. ‘Cameo is here.’
She sees her friends. ‘Time to party!’ Said Cameo.

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