Visual novels are the future of erotic entertainment

Once you’ve seen VN h scenes there ain’t no going back to normal porn, not even hentai. It’s the way h scenes feel, they aren’t just hentai, they’re rewards for the hours you’ve invested into progressing the plot and characters. Not to mention the fact that that plot continues into the h scenes meaning that not only will you be pulling your dick, but also your heart. H scenes are both food for thought but also food for your boner. And that’s ignoring that unlike the traditional, archaic, methods of porn, h scenes use sight, sounds but also words to describe the sensation and feelings of the intercourse that’s occurring. Not to mention the fact that unlike the boring and slow nature of porn, h scenes are innately engaging. Why? Because to reach this point you have invested time and effort. You have stakes, wagers, balancing upon the outcome of these scenes. And don’t get me started on the fact that unlike in porn, where one moment an actress is a step-sis then a step-mom and then a dad, h scenes (and VNs in general) are consistent. Asuka will be Asuka then next time you see her; Murasame will still be Murasame and Emi will still be disabled. Of course, I know there’ll be some of you out there who will hate me for my bold claims. But as I hear you bicker I will only scoff, for I know that the future of erotic entertainment is not within porn, not even hentai, but within VN h scenes.

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