Vive la résistance!

“Vive la résistance! Once you’ve destroyed all the furnaces, those bandits will be WAY too cold to fight — they’ll CHILL OUT! Hahahahahah! CHILL OUT! You get it? Eh, went right over your head, didn’t it?”
“See, it’s funny because ”chill” is a saying that means ”calm down”, but also means ”cold”. It’s a single word with multiple meanings. That is mathematically HILARIOUS!”

“Since I still don’t hear you laughing about ”chill out”, you must not understand humor in general. See, humor is based on subverting expectations, often through play-on words. According to this formula of humor, my ”chill out” comment was literally the funniest thing ever said by anyone!”
“Okay — you’ve got dynamite on all the furnaces, which means it’s time to set it all off! Go use the remote detonator I had one of the Crimson Raiders set up out there. When he asked me why, I just told him: ”BE COOL.” HOW ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING RIGHT NOW?! That was f***ing GOLD!”

“Just hit that detonator to destroy the furnaces and freeze those bandits into peacefulness!”
“Good job — with their furnaces gone, the bandits will be WAY too cold to kill anybody!”

“Who turned off our furnaces?! KILL ‘EM!”

“Ah, crap.”

“Watch out, minion — they’re wearing SNOW HATS! Smack ’em down, quick!”

“So, instead of dropping all their weapons and running to hide from the cold, the bandits put on winter hats. Heck, I still call that a win! Come on back.”

“I still can’t believe you didn’t get my ”chill out” joke.”

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