Vive le Québec libre !

Montreal and the Quebec province itself is the most lazy and corrupted in the North American Continent. Public constructions and roads and other staff for the last 50 years it goes so slow, in fact slower than poorest countries in the world. The metro used the same wagons for 40 years, not long ago there was buses from 1955, the Olympic stadium was a scam and still is. 10 years ago Mayor Tremblay promised there will be streetcars from downtown to old Montreal, 30 millions of dollars for the project and shit and today nobody even remember. Of course promises for a few metro stations on blue line were said at the same time. After 10 years, today it was decided, 5 more metro stations, WOW! it will take 8-10 years to finish 5 stations 😉 Hello! 100 years ago people were building big long bridges in just one year and in poor cities all over the world they make 20 metro stations in 3 years, what??? and even in some corrupted cities they can make 7-10 metro stations in 5 years. YES, in Montreal will take 8-10 years if we are lucky to make 5 fucking metro stations and YES they will steal as much money possible from it. Humans have short memory and with all these pot and other drugs the humans in Montreal have shorter memory and they don’t give a shit what’s going on around. Vive Le Quebec Libre!

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