Vladimir Putin Rap

My name is Vlad, you might say that I am bad but I really am quite nice if you look into my eyes angry and calm patient and eager maybe not an emperor but a top notch leader Just kidding I am the best I am the dj I don’t dance the beat is mine the tune is mine I’m cool I am ha ha ice I roll the dice my heart is COLD my moves are BOLD never OLD I save the WORLD did you know I save reporter from tiger attack do you know I drive Formula One car on the race track did you know I test long Bridge with truck I fight jiu jitsu with one hand on my back did you know I hit the puck I make ice crack I never pull back and never slack I am cold like Jack I love the Beatles from london to ostankino tower Strawberry fields forever forever in power Ja Geroi If want this track live b\*\*ch, I will play in Bol’shoi I love my haters I keep them close when they strive From the bottom of my heart I wish they’re safe and alive Our plains are endless our men are strong We have beautiful women and i tell you they’re never wrong I love my transformers(voice off LGBTQprst) they are very tender Putting their carrots in blenders inventing new genders My heart is COLD my moves are BOLD Never get OLD I save the WORLD

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