voat redpilled me

I discovered voat just a few months ago. I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and I couldn’t understand why. I have a wife and children that love me, and a relatively good job,so I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Why was I so ungrateful?

I had tried all the official solutions: psicotherapy, antidepressants, evasion through alcohol, gaming, meditation, Journaling, etc. but nothing seemed to work.

Then the red pills started coming. First through memes and jokes. Then I started to watch videos and documentaries. And I started to realize that I had been infected through the media with a strain of toxic shame and desperation that made me believe that nothing I could do mattered. That I could not make a difference, no matter how much I tried. That it was not ok to be a white straight man. That I could do nothing to save my children from a distopic future of shitwage jobs and automatization.

Then I watched The Greatest History Never Told. And I felt a strange hope I couldn’t understand. And everything made sense. Deep inside me there was a burning desire to make the world a better place for my family, and to preserve and transmit the beauty and wisdom of my culture. I had been indoctrinated to interpret it as egotism or racism. But there is no shame in wanting your children to grow healthy and safe. In loving your ancestral culture and wanting to preserve and respect it.

I started to redpill my wife and friends, slowly. At first with jokes and memes, then with deep conversations, until we could speak openly. And then I felt I was making a difference. Some friends told me that they decided to start a family. My wife started to explore these topics on her own. And I realized that without action, the truth only produces despair and depression.

So keep on the good job, goats. Do it for others like me and my family. You make a difference, and you have shown me that I can make a difference too.

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