Voltron fandom day of silence

I 👁 think 🤔 we all need to talk 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Voltron 🤖 is the most toxic ☢️☣️ fandom I’ve ever been in and If you are in it too, then please try to hear 👂 me 💁‍♂️out. No 🙅‍♂️❌ matter if you want peace 🕊or if you are the one being toxic ☢️☣️please spread the word. On October 2nd we will have a day📆of silence🔇🔕, no ❌🚫one posts📩, reads 📕or writes 📝about Voltron🤖. This day 📆we will take and think🤔 of everything we have contributed 📥📤to this fandom and think 🤔of any time we were being even just a little 👌toxic☣️☢️. We will let go 📲of everything just for a bit 👌and try to realize👀 the amazing 😭show📺 that was given 📥to us. We will stop🚫❌ the madness 😡on this day 📆and when October🎃 3rd comes around, take a deep 😤👅💨breath, and commit yourself to peace 🌈✨for Voltron 🤖. I’ve raised 🙌👐my flag 🏳️and put my hands 🙌👐up, will you?🙂

This fandom 👥was my therapy👨‍⚕️💆‍♀️, much like Gravity Falls did😭, it got me through ⏭some difficult❌ life 🌎issues🤢. If I 💁‍♀️had the ability to leave 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️the fandom👥, I 🙇‍♀️would, but I can’t🙅‍♀️❌. So I’m trying my best 💯💯to make it better💯💯. Attacking🤬🤬 the creators👨‍💻👩‍💻, dreamworks 💤😴and attacking 😡🤬each other 👥is definitely not ❌🚫⛔️⭕️the answer🔑. With everything hectic🌪 I 💁‍♀️feel like there needs to be a day 📆we transition from toxicity☣️☢️, to peace🕊🌎. A day 📆that we set so we all can strive 🙌for a better✔️💯 fandom👥‼️. If we keep in mind 🧠that October 🎃2nd is the day 📆we will stop🚫 then just maybe we 👥can start anew💯. Let go and make people 👥see 👀👁we can be better✔️💯. I’m glad 🤗Dirty 🤢Laundry was changed, hopefully it will open🆕 your eyes👁. That beautiful 😭✨piece of art 🖋🖊🖍was changed because of our behavior😡. I’d love❤️ to read📕 it again some day 📆in the future ⏭but 🤚right now🔽 we need to heal 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️whatever it is that is making us so angry 😡and upset😔. I too have been a toxic ☣️☢️part of this fandom👥. I 👁would find anti-shaladins👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 and give them 100 reasons why Sheith👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨, Shance 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨and all the others were okay ✔️to ship. However I👁 didn’t🚫 think 🧠that it would eventually lead to arguments 🤬greater than I 👁intended, name calling 🤬🤬and depression 😔😔possibly on both sides. What I 👁learned 👁🖋is that we 👥all have opinions and we 👥are allowed ✔️to have them however it is up to you 🙂on how you 🙂chose to voice 📣that opinion.

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