Vomit all over my dick

Somebody tried to vomit all over my dick once, and let me tell you, it was quite the enticing experience. As soon as a speck of vomit hit my dick, it became even larger than every single universe combined, and I’ve ended up penetrating the border between this universe and the void outside. Suddenly, a big monster came from that void, and proceeded to slurp the vomit off of my dick, leading themselves to me, where they’ve proceeded to take a gigantic elephant shit all over me. Suddenly, I vomited, despite how good the shit tasted, and it got all over my dick again, and my dick expanded, pushing the monster back out into the void, where the monster was never to be seen again.

Eventually, I’ve ended up masturbating with all of the vomit on my dick, triggering a nuclear cumsplosion that has completely obliterated everything within a 952 mile radius. Though I survived, I was completely covered with cum, but that wasn’t too bad, since all I had to do was lick it all off. My entire town was also covered with sticky, white cum, so this was going to be an amazing meal.

The only problem is, my dick was obliterated within the blast, but it was worth it, since somebody vomited on it beforehand, and it got the biggest erection that this universe could ever see.

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