Vortex users should be sent to hell.

I love MO2 so much. Everything you could ask for in a tool like this. It actually hurts my brain knowing there are people who insist on using Vortex and NMM instead. It’s like watching someone use a fork to eat soup.

“Why don’t you try using a spoon?”, you ask them. “IT’S SO COMPLICATED AND ANYHOW IT WORKS THE WAY IT IS!”, they respond.

Or they go the “People use what they’re comfortable with, there’s nothing wrong with that” route. That’s the common response. But Vortex is garbage, and NMM isn’t too far away. Sure, they can work, but so does a butter knife cutting through cloth. Just use scissors. Especially when they come and ask for help, when many of their problems stem from the tool or could be avoid by using MO2. Being content with it doesn’t make it any less obsolete.

It’s simple: using Vortex over MO2 is like working on your car using half broken hand tools when your neighbor is a mechanic and is offering to let you use his power tools for free. Come on people, wake up. Put the tools and the butter knife away. Work smarter, not harder.

I don’t care if I sound like an ass. You dont need to enable people using a bad product. And you are if you say things like “it’s ok, everyone has a preference”. I don’t understand that mentality. I’ll dump on anything other than MO2 because it is the best by a long shot. I can’t count how many time I’ve seen posts on people having problems or confusion with Vortex. I don’t even remember the last problem post with MO2.

I have NO IDEA why NMM and Vortex still exist when MO2 is here doing everything better and more. MO2 will clean and cook. It’ll suck your dick. It’ll make you sweet, tender love. It’s the superior tool. And if you think otherwise, you’re just delusional and fucking stupid.

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