Vr Chat is full of the most degenerate “people” to desecrate the earth with their presence. Although the benefits of such an online platform must be acknowledged and the technical machinations in place to sustain these online rooms is incredible, it must be brought to a conclusion that giving “people” the free will to choose their own avatar with no restrictions is an irreversible mistake on the normal population, most of whom live their lives in blissful ignorance from the abomination that is this Chatroom application. It can be concluded that this is yet another adverse affect of the industrial revolution, and we are seeing its consequences.

The fact that this so called “online freedom” is being expressed is simply a crime against nature, no matter the occasion these large amounts of furry, anime, etc degenerates should not be allowed to conjugate together in a wider cesspool of degeneracy is a failure on the wider federal government.

Man is destined for few things, certain liberties are to be given and some to be taken, those absolute liberties are: freedom of speech, free enterprise and the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

The “right” to express yourself in such an abhorrent and in-humane way is naturally diseased and shouldn’t be expressed at all, quite the opposite should happen. The government should not exercise complete or unjustified rule, but in some increasingly odd situations, some law and order is needed. The government should exist only to protect its people and to protect their economic interests AND to dissuade the expression of feelings and thoughts of these petulant “people”.

These “people” are nothing but “animals” and they should be treated as such and put down as such. These “animals” put the word animal to shame, and like the sickly animals they are, they must be put down. For the greater good we must argue and for the continued prosperity of earth, as she will breath relief with these “animal” pretenders being exterminated to the very last being.

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