VR is the ultimate computing platform

Videogames is like… maybe 1% of VR? At most? VR is a computing platform. The final computing platform.

VR will enable people to literally feel like they are in another place or with other people. Telepresence is what sells VR, and it allows a level of connection to places and people that dwarfs anything else.

And then it’s an experience machine – allowing people to live through realistic experiences, step into new bodies, use it for education, work, a media centre, a replacement for monitors, and so on.

Why is this set in stone? Because life is all about shared experiences, and that is VR at it’s core. Also you know, this little pandemic kind of shot remote work, education, and events into the stratosphere – all of which will be preferred in VR. I can easily imagine virtual schools and virtual workspaces serving hundreds of millions – even billions long-term.

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