Hey Vsauce, Michael here,

Skeletons are scary and spooky, but you know what else
is? Blacks.

According to the U.S Justice Department, in 200632443
women of Caucasian origin were raped by men of African
origin. That same year, the number of African American
women raped by Caucasian men… was… zero.

In fact, 90% of all interracial crimes in the U.S. are
committed by blacks… against whites…

So what if all blacks were to… suddenly… disappear from
the U.S.? Murder would go down 49.7 percent, welfare
recipients would go down 40 percent, SAT scores would
go up about 100 points, the average IQ would go up 7
points, and AIDS victims would go down a staggering…
67… percent.

Significant changes for race that only makes up 13% of
the population.

In biology, races are distinct genetically divergent
populations within the same species”, with relatively
small morphological and genetic… differences.

Populations can be described as ecological races if
they arise from adaptation to different local habitats or
geographic races when they are geographically isolated.
However, if sufficiently different, two or more races can
be identified as… subspecies.

So how long do two races have to be isolated from one
another before they’re considered separate species?

Earlier this year, Archaeologists found artefacts in a cave
on Western Australia’s Barrow Island dating back more
than 50,000 years, making it Australia’s earliest known
site of human occupation.

In contrast, the domestication of the dog began just
15,000… years… ago.

This distance, some several thousand miles between the
mainlands of Australia and Asia also caused another kind
of distance. Genetic… distance.

Genetic distance is a measure of the genetic divergence
between species or between populations within a
species. Dogs and wolves have been found to have
a shorter genetic distance between each other than
Negroids and non-Negroids. The distance between
Eurasians and Africans being even larger than Homo
Sapiens and Homo… Erectus.

Well, it kinda makes sense. I mean, can two races with
diverging skin tones, eye colors, behavioral patterns,
intellectual and athletic capabilities even be considered
the same subspecies? Is it even a question? Is it even a
question you’re… allowed to… ask?

In October 2007, geneticist James Watson, best known
as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, and
the familiar double-helix model we all had to learn in
High School, was lambasted by the scientific community
for a response he gave in an interview regarding the
divergence of intellect between geographically isolated

“There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual
capacities of peoples geographically separated in their
evolution should prove to have evolved identically,”
James wrote. “Our wanting to reserve equal powers of
reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not
be enough to make it so”.

The response resulted with a suspension of Watson’s
administrative responsibilities and was forced to…
cancel… his book tour. And tragically, in 2014, Mr Watson
auctioned his Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962, stating
that “no-one really wants to admit I exist”. Harsh. But
people tend to react this way to ideas that go against
their own personal world view and.. cognitive… biases.
Confirmation bias. It’s the tendency to search for,
interpret, focus on and remember information in a way
that confirms one’s… own… preconceptions. This effect,
stronger for emotionally charged issues, warped tour
interpretation of data in a way that keeps you from…
being… wrong. There is something fundamental in our
minds that makes us hesitant to question ideas that
we’ve… already come to a conclusion to. We all do it. But
who could blame us? That’s just part of being a member
of the human… species.

And as always, around blacks, never relax.

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