Vsauce, Micheal here translated through atleast 28 languages

Eu, Vsauce Michael here Where is your finger? Serious. This is a very simple question. You should be able to answer. But how do I know? Who knows what?
my finger says you know. Just looked at them. Or do not touch them, do not feel them, it’s not so bad. Therefore also a good way to learn. In fact, more often they are noisy animals speak. For example, if there is a sense, a unique feeling. What to say to the police during the test enim arcu. In other words, it can not determine which of your fingers, hands, feet and head and body – free objects, etc. There are many animals, at least two or more animals. But this is not cool
In addition, tactile hallucinations error sensor error. But if it is, then the language begins to be another and greater. Try it. The bottom of the previous word mentioned. You can feel your tongue on the ground, but it is wrong. language our brain be missed. And if any of you touches a foreign language in a given space, and then leave the other – on the part of the impression of the signifier. On the other hand, this is mostly impressive, not language. This shows that the method is accurate, in fact, unprofitable things of our emotions, and therefore are wonderful, and the cold is that it is so cool and simple things.
research information is known as rational philosophy. Plato believed that the known words that we know about religion really think this is legal. As stupid proof that the same should tell the truth, it is not logical to be sure there. Fortunately, there is something we do not know without a license, which can not be, because I do not know.

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