vsauce videos in a nutshell (i actually wrote this myself)

hey vsauce, michael here, and today we are gonna be talking about mind reading as we all know there is no such thing as mind reading… or is there? we are gonna have to go deeper for this. now we are at the point of technology where we can actually visualize thoughts and then bring those out to monitors but are they effective? let’s check ourselves -so we are here at the university of California, we are looking at the first mind reading machine ever. tell us more about this machine, how does it work dr. john? -well this machine detects miniature brainwaves in the brain and detects the patterns in them, and from those patterns we can actually make images! -amazing, let’s try it *machine reads some patients mind* now, that’s a mind field episode speaking of minds, one of the greatest minds, Einstein thought ripping an atom in half would be impossible, wonder what was going on in his mind well his brain has actually been stored in a museum for a very long time, and studies showed that Einstein did have slightly more braincells but we do not know how this affected him, why did the extra braincells (not neurons) make him smarter, or was it just simply a coincidence… well to be frank with you it’s a coincidence, or it is from what we can see, but it’s a freaky coincidence at that, just like how when you play “one small step for man” backwards it sounds like “man will space walk”, coincidences are amazing, there are a lot of similarities between John f Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln both have 7 letter last names both were elected to congress in 46′ and both were elected as presidents in 60’s, 1860 and 1960, both were civil rights activists too, both married in their 30’s to women in their 20’s and both were assassinated on a Friday, and even the murderers were connected, they were both succeeded by Johnson’s after their deaths pretty spooky isn’t it? and as always, thanks for watching

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