“Heyyy, Vsauce. Michael here. What if you were defenseless? Well, I mean, it’s a given that you are. Humans constantly meet… grisly ends. Cutting, burning, poison, and plain old blunt force trauma. It only takes a swift jab in the right place to… bring an end to your life. It is truly amazing how humanity has survived for thousands of years against wildlife and through a few minor “world wars”, one of them even being the war to end all wars. Really, humanity should rejoice that they were fortunate enough to the point that the universe decided that you’d have enough time for me to exist.

Yet, you were not fortunate enough that I do not exist. And for that…

Humanity is damned.”

[Michael unblinkingly stares at the camera for the remainder of the video. When he starts to stare, there are 11 minutes and 6 seconds remaining.]

(Credit to u/MagFrag5891 for this wonderful text.)

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