vsco girl tiktok transcript

Sksksksk and I oop and I oop sksksksk🤪hi, you must be new.😇mhm ya this is my new hydroflask!🥰🤩oh, you dont have one?🤨sksksk and i oop and i oop.🤩um, how do u🙂 make your friendship👯‍♀️bracelets, 👁👄👁 thats kinda weird.🤠hmm well, save the turtles 🐢!!😁um, oh these? 😽 these are my scrunchies🥴. i noticed you dont🤕 have one🖖🏻. Really, you keep that😃, dont worry about it.☺️😗. Sksksk and i oop and i oop😝✨oh, this? this is my new lip gloss👄. Yeah I apply this like 5 to 10 minutes💋🙌🏻uh-huh. uh-huh! its my fave😌really. Try some! 😎mhm! mhm!😇 oh my god, you’re not🚫 wearing a big tee👚 but do not fret☺️ i actually brought an extra!😄 here you go, you can keep it, dont even worry! 😎 omg, that smell?🤑 its actually my new victoria’s secret scent! 😏✨uh, ya bombshell💣🐚!🤪🙌🏻 you never heard? hmmm. Hmm! Right. Ok👌🏻well it was nice meeting you!🥰skksksks and i oop and i oop!👋🏻😻

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