Someone sent me a video of a shark anime child voiced by a woman. They are telling me she is an adult and a shark.

That is clearly a model made to look like a child in a shark hoodie and it is weird as fuck watching that comment section.

She said “I better eat a fish! Nom nom” and the chat when absolutely ballistic over it. Like this was a real knee slapper or some shit. Bro, leave the sharks out of this, they are going extinct they don’t need a child appropriating their culture smh shaking my head.

There is a dragon one with fat tits and her character models eyes glitch out constantly. Dragons don’t even need tits, they arent mammals. She looked down briefly and her static unbouncinf clothed lizard boobs showed for a brief moment and the chat was like


Then she had to pretend like it was some big accident and that she is mad, and keep that lie going for the subs. Like, the character model has three facial expressions and sounds bored.

Like bro, stop doing this to yourself. Be a reasonable person and do something more productive than hololive such as huffing glue or boiling a pot of water, letting it cool, and then boiling it again.

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