Vynz Brah

>Be me in the gym just doing diddlys
>Can faintly hear in the distance someone revving the shit out of what must be a 1.0ltr sack of shite car
>Kid walks in with sleeveless hoody and girl arms, looks like he would be 110lb wet
>Shaved head with hair just on the top you know the kind
>Walks straight in, must of had two invisible carpets under his arm the way he was walking
>He the proceeds to put the belt on that all the big guys use
>”Wow this kid must be strong using a belt”
>In my gym there are 3 squat racks and 1 smith machine, all the racks are free
>This dude goes straight to the smith machine armed with his belt
>I’ve heard about curls in the squat rack and skullcrushers on the treadmill but this…. this is…. Unheard of!?!?!
>”H..h…he’s just warming up right?”
>Other guys in the gym start to get worried all exchanging glances
>Kid starts “squatting” 1/15th ROM in the smith machine with just the bar
>Whole gym is in disbelief, old lady doing her 1km a year cycling starts having a stroke
>The kid does his 5th and final rep and everyone pretends to go back to what they are doing
>He then rips his belt off and pulls a boombox from one of his invisible carpet rolls
>Proceeds to put some shitty motivational trap music on full volume, the mirrors on the gym wall begin flexing under the decibels
>Kid looks me straight in the eye and points
>”Are you a caged flock dream chaser?”
>I just stare in disbelief the whole gym is waiting for my reply
>He then rips off his hoodie (it has velcro sides) and starts muzzing
>I’m fucking Vynz BRAH
>Cancelled my memebership and haven’t been back

>Does anyone know any good home routines?

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