We don’t talk about bruno

[Chorus: Pepa]
[I want his dick in my asshole, hole, hole, hole](https://genius.com/25228235/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/I-want-his-dick-in-my-asshole-hole-hole-hole-want-his-dick-in-my-asshole-fuck)
[Want his dick in my asshole, fuck](https://genius.com/25228235/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/I-want-his-dick-in-my-asshole-hole-hole-hole-want-his-dick-in-my-asshole-fuck)

[Verse 1: Pepa & Félix]
[Slappin’ his booty (Slappin’ that booty)](https://genius.com/25228238/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/Slappin-his-booty-slappin-that-booty)
[Getting ready for his asshole](https://genius.com/25228241/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/Getting-ready-for-his-asshole)
[We knew would be tight (That fucking asshole so tight)](https://genius.com/25280633/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/We-knew-would-be-tight-that-fucking-asshole-so-tight)
[Cock fits right in, feel the pleasure within (The pleasure](https://genius.com/25228357/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/Cock-fits-right-in-feel-the-pleasure-within-the-pleasure))
[You dominating or am I? (I just wanna slurp up that juicy cum)](https://genius.com/25280639/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/You-dominating-or-am-i-i-just-wanna-slurp-up-that-juicy-cum)
These sheets are gonna end up stained (Because of his fat nut)
Screaming in pleasureful pain (Because he fucks my butt)
His pp has so many veins (Because it’s throbbing and stuff)

[Chorus: Pepa, Félix & Camilo, Dolores]
I want his dick in my asshole, hole, hole, hole
Want his dick in my asshole (Hey)

[Verse 2: Dolores & Camilo]
You gotta cum right here ‘cause I’m talking ‘bout something
I wanna fuck your butt and you know I’ll just start cumming
His horse cock’s fatter than a whole fucking eggplant [(Auh, Auh, Auh)](https://genius.com/25280637/Keepitez-we-dont-talk-about-bruno-sus-remix/Auh-auh-auh)
I’m addicted to your ass, so let’s commence butt-fucking
Wanna fuck your bussy ‘till it stops functioning
I wanna put your foreskin and ballsack in my hand
Do you understand?
Seven-foot frame, I fap all on his back
When he fucks my brain, it makes my ass cheeks clap
Slurps it up all clean, he fucks me ‘till I scream

[Chorus: Pepa & Félix, Dolores]
I want his dick in my asshole, hole, hole, hole
Want his dick in my asshole

[Verse 3: Ensemble, Townsperson 1, Osvaldo & TP 3]
I gave my fish some heroin
The next day, dead (Ohh yeah)
I ate so much ass
And now I’m fat (Ohh yeah)
I’m fuckin’ bald
And got a foot fetish (Gay)
Your fate is getting on knees giving head

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