We need to recognize RPF.

Many see me as a conservative male, and yes my beliefs do align greatly with that party. However, one part of my deepest core has always seemed to go against that ideology- I’m attracted to men. Not just a small affinity for the male gender, but the whole male anatomy. The look and feel of a penis makes my heart jump at the thought and my prostate pulses just thinking about low-hanging fruits smacked across my dirty Republican face. All day, every day all I can think about is the way a thick, democratic cock would feel sliding into my tight republican hole. It is a constant struggle fighting the urges to mount onto the nearest liberal but we all have our own challenges, this being my most severe. I have been arrested over 17 times due to my disorder. This is real life guys. It’s 2023 and we are still not recognized. What’s so wrong with a single Republican man pursuing his passion? I feel as if we need to normalize RPF (republican penis fetish.) It’ll help many individuals like myself feel less alone in this scary, va jay jay filled world. Start the fight for our suffering people!!!

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