Weird stan post on r/metalcore about an indie band

When will everyone stop sleeping on BILMURI

Nothing but top tier BANGERS, never misses! Bilmuri is the entire package wrapped up into one FUN experience. I mean what even is genre when it comes to this band? They bring it all to the table with a core of core and exceed the box of genre all while not being forced. Blending it all seamlessly. Grooves, laughs, emotions, breakdowns, choruses and hooks that you can’t stop singing in your head all day. It’s always pure joy when something new drops, and they never fail to surprise me with how much each new addition to their collection SLAPS. Their two newest singles Boutta Cashew and All Gas are incredible, and each infuse a country twist into the mix. Never been a country fan, but gd how the fvck did they manage to make me fall in love with these tracks like this!? They were on repeat ALL DAY yesterday. The fan base they have garnered are all silly af and kind as can be. Last year I took my 4yr old son to a show and everyone protected us from the pit next to us. They made a barrier of love and kept smiling at us. At the end I walked past Johnny Franck with my son sleeping in my arms and he knucked me and said “your son is a legend”. I mean c’mon, does a show get anymore cool than that? If you’ve been sleeping on Muri ya best get to it folks. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. If you’re into heavier stuff just let them cook and you’ll soon realize just how happy they make you feel. Next thing you know you’ll be smiling through their tracks and having a laugh at how much the breakdowns randomly fit so perfectly. Enjoy friends!

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