Why are Filipinos so toxic in competitive video games?

Why are Filipinos from the Philippines so toxic when it comes to competitive video games like League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Warface, etc.? Non-Filipinos, especially Indonesians, Australians, Brazilians, and Americans think of Filipino gamers as arrogant trash talkers.

I am a 17 year old Filipino American male who was born in the USA and was raised in the USA. Everytime I play with Filipinos from the Philippines, I notice that they get toxic and say curse words such as “bobo”, “tanga”, “putangina mo”, etc. What do all those words mean?

Filipinos are one of the loudest and most brutal when it comes to insults and arrogant yelling. When using audio for communication, Filipinos yell louder and yell much more often than non-Filipinos when it comes to insults and angry complaints.

Russians and Peruvians are also terrifying but Filipinos seem to be on much worse level.

When non-Filipinos try to make aggressive comebacks against Filipinos, Filipinos seem to be not affected and just laugh. Seriously, Filipinos are so annoying.

But the most shocking information I heard regarding these Filipinos is that Filipinos play in public computer locations in the Philippines where they get toxic against each other in person. I also heard that they get into PHYSICAL fights against each other due to their toxicity in person. Sometimes, they even KILL each other. What the fuck?!

What are those public computer locations in the Philippines that Filipinos play in? I heard that PHYSICAL brawls among Filipino gamers are frequent in those places due to Filipino gamers being so toxic.

Seriously, what kind of people are these kinds of Filipinos in real-life?

Did anyone else encounter these Filipinos when it comes to competitive video games? If so, what are your stories to tell? How did you deal with them?

Are there any nice civilized Filipinos who play competitive video games?

By the way, check out this YouTube video regarding a toxic Filipino gamer in Dota 2:

Title: When a pinoy join EU west dota 2 server

YouTube channel name: Vaggelis. P

Seriously, check out the YouTube video. The Filipino was a nightmare.

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