Why Tomboys are the ultimate straight choice.

Well I’m a straight man so let’s see here..

Normal women have everything I want, pussy, tits, a pretty face but I also have to put up with normal womans gay stuff like buying excessive amounts of clothes or watching shitty tv shows.

That makes normal women mathematically 50% gay

Now how about another man?

Having a homosexual relationship with another man comes with a benefit of having a bro in your life (Bro stuff isn’t gay, don’t let anybody tell you that) but in the end you are still fucking him.

So having a gay relationship is mathematically 50% gay.

Now how about Tomboys?

They come with the benefits of women while being a bro while still being a woman. You don’t have to put up with excessive clothes and shitty tv shows and she can be one of the boys.

That makes Tomboys mathematically 0% gay.

Now let’s see our 4th option, Femboys.

Essentially you’re putting up with the gay stuff of woman while also fucking a man.

That’s why femboys are 100% gay.

That’s all. I’m not homophobic or something I’m just that straight.

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