WP:We already have enough of those, thank you very much

^^**This** ^^**page** ^^**in** ^^**a** ^^**nutshell:** ^^We ^^regret ^^to ^^inform ^^you ^^that ^^we ^^have ^^rejected ^^your ^^submission ^^of ^^an ^^image ^^of ^^male ^^genitalia. ^^We ^^already ^^have ^^enough ^^of ^^those, ^^thank ^^you ^^very ^^much.

Dearest sir or madam,

We would like to thank you for your most generous contribution of an image of your, or of a close associate’s, penis. Regrettably, however, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are currently not interested in receiving said image, as we already have quite enough of those in our respective image repositories.

While Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are not ordinarily in the business of rejecting free use files, the novelty of receiving images of genitalia has long since passed. Since we already possess a substantial catalog of images of the variety for which you are trying to contribute, enough to adequately supply any inquiry of encyclopedic value, our community has by and large come to the consensus that new images of genitalia, such as the one you have supplied, are no longer welcome here.

Therefore, it is my duty to inform you that your contribution has been nominated for deletion. While you have a right to contest the deletion, we would advise you that your chances of making a successful appeal against the pending deletion are slim.

Please also be aware that repeatedly submitting this or other images of genitalia may lead to you being asked, with a most forceful tone, to exfiltrate your person from the project as a whole.



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