Yoda can catch this dick

Okay so no lie I’d clap Yoda’s cheeks. I’d suck that tiny fuck’s green pencil and let his green splooge fill all of the orifices on my plump virgin body. I’d let his cock grease be used to lubricate my asshole as he slowly, but surely, inserts his dick into my anus. He’ll make Thanus look like a joke as his green cock expands in my asshole painfully, but oh so pleasantly.

Oh and did I forget to mention, I’d suck his pungent farts through a straw. God I bet they’d taste so good in my mouth, especially if a little bit of crusty feces comes up with it. God I’d fucking love if Yoda shit in a funnel into my mouth, and then let me puke up that semi-digested shit back into his mouth for him to feed to me like the disgusting baby bird that I am.

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