You had talent, and wasted it on weird sh*t

You had talent and wasted it on weird sh\*t.

Nothing that you do is great and entertaining you’ve lost resemblance to the person i’ve ever knew please stop this madness what do you want from me PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE BULLSHIT ITS DRIVING ME INSANE.
I now have aids, cancer, hiv, autism, and radiation poisoning because of this literal acid trip of a video and it’s all YOUR fault. We used to be friends, buddies pals and much more, but i don’t think i want to be related to someone who went from producing wholesome gacha content to something as hideous as what i’ve just witnessed. Heck i don’t think i want to be near you.

You used to be such a nice person, i can’t believe you’ve dishonoured yourself and your family like this.

You’re no longer human, you’re a monster.

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