“You’re watching Poki on twitch and as usual, you’re beating your meat to her cute little face.She is playing a Fortnite Solo and its top 2.”

You’re watching Poki on twitch and as usual, you’re beating your meat to her cute little face. She is playing a Fortnite Solo and its top 2. Her concentration face is so fucking hot. You watch as the last guy SMG sprays her until she’s out of mats and heavy shotguns her in the dome.

 “FUCK. That’s like my 5th second place tonight!” I’ll be right back guys.”

 She stands up and walks out of her room. She’s wearing a tight pink tracksuit that outlines her ass. You clip it and watch her thick ass walking out of the room over and over again until you cum all over yourself. ‘I’ve got to let her know how much she turns me on’ you think. You send her a $20 donation with a little caption.

She reads it out loud

 “Thanks for the 20 bucks Dylan29. I just busted a nut watching your ass as you walk out of the room”.

She makes a weird face

“That’s gross”

 But deep down you know that she is a dirty little slut that loves cum.  You turn off her stream, clean up and go to sleep.



Waking up, it’s a rainy Saturday morning. As you open the fridge to get some milk for your cereal, you realise your roommate drank all of it.

“Fucking Timmy, that little milk drinking asshole”.

 You grab your keys, hop into your car and drive to the shops to get some milk.

“Shit, so many different types of milk, who the fuck drinks soy milk?”.

A familiar voice behind you speaks up

“It’s a good source of protein and its lactose free”. Your turn around

 “No fucking way. It’s you, it’s really you”.

“Your watch my stream huh?” says Pokimane.

You stand there speechless as to how the exact girl you beat off to the night before, happens to be in the same store and same aisle as you.

“Are you subscribed to me?”

“Uh yeah of course. My name is Dylan by the way”

“You don’t happen to be the Dylan29 do you?”

Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

“Uh yeah, I am” you say shyly knowing that she would have probably well remembered my donation from last night.

“So you’re the guy that always sends creepy donations?’

“Uh well… Um”

“No, no, no don’t worry about it. You know, those types of donations are my favourite. I have to act like they’re gross since I have a lot of young viewers, but it really turns me on that people are jerking off to me while I stream” She says.

What the fuck is happening right now, you say to yourself

“Well, I’m glad you like them. There is no other streamer I would rather watch then you. I always jizz myself when you show your ass.”

Poki lets out a little giggle.

“Wanna touch it?” she says

“Do I wanna touch it?”

“Well, I figured you would want to considering you’re always beating off to it” She turns around with her ass facing you.

You look around to make no one else is around and then your grab her ass with both of your hands.  You lift up her dress and feel the bareness. Its soft and firm and a little warm. You massage it for a bit then pull your hands away.

“Fuck me, you’re hot” you say

“I like you, we should hang out tonight. I’ve never been out with a fan before. Might be interesting.”

She hands you her number and walks away. And there you are, in the middle of the milk aisle with the biggest hard on you’ve ever had. You race home, forgetting about the milk and fuck your fleshlight thinking about what the fuck just happened.


It’s now night time and you have Poki’s number typed into your phone and you’re nervously thinking about what you’re gonna say.

‘Just wing it’ you think

You press dial and she answers straight away.

“Hello, Imane speaking”

 You’re relieved that it isn’t a fake number

“Hey Imane, it’s me, Dylan from the grocery store.”

“Oh, hi. If you’re free you reckon you could come over to mine? I’ll text you my address. I’m feeling pretty lonely”

‘Fuck yeah’ you think. Lonely is just another word for horny.

“Yeah sure, I’ve got no plans”

“Great” she says. “Can’t wait”


You pull up on her driveway and ring the doorbell. She opens the door.

“Dylan! So glad you could make it” she says as she pulls you in for a hug. He firm tits rub against your chest.

She walks you to her room and lies down on her bed.

“I was just watching some anime. You watch any anime?”

“No, not really. Never really got into it.”

“No fucking way. You have to watch this” Poki says.

She pulls you down on her bed, forcing you to lie down. She rests her head on your shoulder and presses play.

“This one is called One Punch Man. Its pretty good”

‘This is weird’ you think. ‘I mean we only just met like 12 hours ago and I’m already in her bed. Eh who cares’

You keep on watching the show, with her resting on your shoulder. You can see down her shirt and realise she’s not wearing a bra. Your cock instantly gets hard.

‘Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. She will definitely notice’

“Oh. Somebody’s feeling excited” she says seductively

You decide to be honest.

“Well, I noticed you’re not wearing a bra, that’s all” you say confidently

“You’re a horny little perv aren’t you” she says and she laughs. She hops out of the bed.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s quite big”

“Haha thanks”

“Ok, well. I’m gonna take a shower, join me if you need anything” Poki says extremely fast as she walks into the shower room.

You sit there confused.

‘What did she just say? ‘You say to yourself

“I swear she just said if you need anything…. join me. Or did she say call me.”

You sit there thinking about it for a minute.

“Fuck it” you say.

“I’ve got nothing to lose”

You go up to the door and open it. Its unlocked. That’s a good sign.

“Took you long enough.” Says Poki as she stands naked in the shower.

There she is, fully naked and her hair is wet. Her bare 32d tits are out, wet with water. And her freshly shaven pussy is exposed.

“Holy motherfucking shit balls”

You grab her by the arm and take her back to the room. She kneels down on the ground and unzips your pants revealing your massive cock.

“This is going to be good” she says

She puts the head of your cock into her warm mouth and starts sucking on it. You look down and it’s the best sight you have ever seen. Pokimane, on her knees, wet hair, hot as ever, wet tits out, sucking on your cock. She takes as much of the cock as she can in her throat and you can feel the back of her throat with the head of your dick. She bobs her head, giving you the best blowjob you have ever received. Her tongue is pushed up against the underside of your shaft. After 5 minutes she pulls away, gasping for air. There is spit trailing from the tip of your penis to her lips. She goes in for seconds. This time you feel like you about to cum. You forget to tell her and shoot a load directly onto her tongue. You expect her to be mad. But no, she opens her mouth, showing you your white cum and swallows it.

“That was fucking amazing. I’m sorry I didn’t warn you” you say

“Oh. We’re not done yet silly. We’re not done until you have dropped a load on every part of my body” she says

“I was hoping you would say that”

You pick her up and throw her on the bed and start eating her out. She wraps her legs around your back and pulls you in closer as you explore her wet pussy with your tongue. You penetrate her tightness with your tongue.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck fuck fuck fucking lick me Dylan. I want your tongue inside of me”

All of the sudden she squirts her juices into your mouth.

“Oh my god, I’m so fucking sorry. I couldn’t control it” she says

You lean into her and start making out with her, transferring all the juices into her mouth making her swallow it.

“All good. Pussy juice is my favourite type of juice. I wish they had it at Walmart” you say

“Oh dang. No guy has ever done that to me. I kinda like the taste of my cum” says poki.

You laugh. “You’re adorable” you say

You position your cock in front of her dripping wet pussy, no longer wet from the shower water, but from her own cum. All the time you spent jerking off to Pokimane’s stream has become a reality.

“Wait” she says

“I want you to titty fuck me”

“Teasing? Seriously?’ you say

“Ok fine”

You get on the bed with her and sit with one leg on each side of her chest. Your press her beautiful soft tits together and begin to thrust in between them. The curves of her tits, perfectly mould you cock. You thrust in and out of her warm cleavage until you finally pull out. You jerk your cock over her tits and squirt your cum all over her tits and her face, covering her lips and eyes. To your surprise your dick doesn’t go soft after you ejaculate.

“What the fuck? This is like permanent Viagra” you say

“Haha yeah” she says as she scoops up the cum from her face and swallows it “That usually happens to guys that go down on me. But none of them have a cock as big as yours”

“Ok. No more teasing. You can put it inside of my pussy now.”

“Fucking finally” you say excitedly

“Haha I was kidding silly. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“I’m not complaining”

You flip her over into doggy style and spread her massive ass cheeks and position your cock in front of her asshole. Without warning you ram your raging hard cock inside of her. Her tight ass suffocates your cock as you thrust back and forth fast.

“MMM! Uh! Uh! OOOO! Uh! MMMMMM! Oh! Oh! Oh! It hurts so good!” She screams

Her body contracts and a gush of Poki’s juices spray out onto the bed. The sight of her ass and her pussy juice is just too much, and you ejaculate deep inside of her ass. Load after load until you pull out with a trail of cum on your dick.

“That was the best anal fucking I have ever had” She says

“Haha my pleasure” You point to your cum covered dick.

“Clean up duty?” you say

Pokimane giggles and licks all the cum off your cock.

“Oh baby I love the taste of your cum. Now its time for the real deal. Fuck my wet little cunt” she says

Without saying a word you put her in missionary position and penetrate her pussy. The walls of Pokimane’s vagina fill your dick with pleasure.

“Holy shit you’re so tight baby”

Your thrust in and out of her warm wet pussy for minutes on end and she squirts every 30 seconds.


 Every time she squirts your you rub her juices all over her body, making her all oiled up and wet. Each thrust is better than the previous. After 15 minutes of fucking her little cunt your cock is drenched in her cum and you tell her that you’re about to ejaculate.

“CUM INSIDE OF ME PLEASE!!!” she screams

“yes ma’am”

You shoot load after load into her tight warm pussy, filling her up to the brim with white jizz.

“That was the best sex I have ever had” she says.

“I agree”

“Watch this” says Pokimane.

She pushes some of your white load out of her vagina and the cum dribbles down her thighs and onto the bed.

“I love you” you say

“Lets do this again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. My stream can wait” she says


7 months later

*Pokimane to chat*

“Yo chat I’m fucking pregnant and I’m naming the baby Ninja”

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