The only proper response to “share or die within x days posts.”

Hahaha look at the stupid superstitious redditor he thinks a picture can hurt him hahaha. BOOOOOOOH OOOOOOHH LOOK IM A GJOST hahahaha dumbass is scared by my words. Hahahaha he thinks the chicken nugget can hurt him with magic through his phone screen. I bet he’s a self proclaimed atheist too hahahaha. Look even his fucking avatar is disabled hahaha why do you use your hands on your wheelchair? Don’t you know that pedals have existed for centuries hahahaha even looking at your post history shows how fucking stupid you are with stuff like “Id suck that” and “You have no idea how much i want a good dick rn, tho people wont prolly like my body :(“ hahahaha he browses r/twinks no bitches NO BITCHES no bitches hahaha lonely motherfucker. you seem like exactly the kind of person who would be scared BY A FUCKING CHICKEN NUGGET i bet your a fucking vegan too who probably says shit like “you wouldn’t eat your dog” HAHAHA I ATE MY DOG DUMBASS FUCK YOU hahahaha gay ass no muscle no bitches Wait look he’s on r/BalticStates hahaha he lives in fucking backwater Europe probably getting pounded by Russian soldiers right now and enjoying it. FUCK YOU u/Unlikely_Situation_5

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